Puerto Vallarta March for Legal Cannabis Cancelled

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A march in support of legal marijuana scheduled to take place in Puerto Vallarta on May 5th has been canceled due to problems securing a permit from the city.  The march was in coordination with “El Día Mundial por la Liberación de la Mariguana” aka “Global Marijuana March,” an event that has been held annually in over 800 cities and 70 countries since 1999.  In Mexico, marches will still be taking place this Saturday in Tijuana, Monterrey, Guadalajara, CDMX, and Mérida.

The Puerto Vallarta march is headed by Daniel Hernández, a native of Guadalajara who has lived in Vallarta for the last five years.  He says the march is about creating awareness and educating the public.

“The most important goal is to open people’s eyes. Show them all the great benefits that cannabis can bring to Mexico.”

Hernández’ desire to legalize marijuana is inspired by his family.

“My father died of cancer. My grandpa on my mother’s side died of cancer. Now my godmother has cancer and I want her to be able to obtain medical cannabis legally.”

Of course, in Mexico, when it comes to cannabis, legality is not the only concern.  The prospect of blowback from the cartels understandably makes potential activists nervous. “to the people that are worried, I say that the more there is of us raising [our voices], the less risk we have.”

Though he was disappointed by the cancellation of this year’s march, Hernández is already planning the march for next year.  “I need as much local support as possible to make this happen,” he says.

To get involved in local cannabis activism, you can check out Hernández’ Facebook page, Cultura Cannabica 420 or his Facebook group, Cultura Cannabica 420 PV.

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