Landmark Cannabis Events Taking Place in Guadalajara March 17-19

//, Gold Leaf/Landmark Cannabis Events Taking Place in Guadalajara March 17-19

Guadalajara plays host to a monster weekend of cannabis events, with Cannafest GDL 2018, La Primera Copa Cannábica, and a course in “Interpening” by Denver’s Trichome Institute all taking place March 17-18 .

Cannafest Guadalajara 2018, which kicks of the weekend on March 17th in Parque Agua Azul, is organized in cooperation with government, with Guadalajara city councilman Israel Medina, president of the Federation of University Students (F.E.U.) Jesús Medina, and General Director of the Instituto Jalisciense de la Juventud Ramón Morales, leading the inauguration ceremony. 

Cannafest GDL describes its mission on its Facebook page:

“Cannafest GDL is a space that seeks to inform the public about the risks and harms caused by smoking the cannabis plant, as well as the potential medical applications, and potential industrial use of hemp in the construction, textile, cosmetic, and nutritional sectors. 

Cannafest arose due to a great necessity to share patient testimonials about the benefits of cannabis use, new studies and medical news, comparisons of international regulations, the current national judicial framework, and generation of work opportunities…”

Cannafest Guadalajara 2018 will present a series of conferences and workshops, including a lecture by Maureen Priestly, PhD, director of Pasos Adelante Puerto Vallarta.  A local leader in cannabis medicine, Dr. Priestly will discuss “CBD Management of Dementia, Epilepsy, Pain, and Autism.”  Other presenters include West Point Alum Dr. Philip Blair speaking on cannabinoid homeostasis, and Stephen Clarke discussing bio-construction with hemp, as well as workshops on cultivation and other topics.  Gold Leaf of Puerto Vallarta will participate in Cannafest Guadalajara 2018 as an official exhibitor. 

La Primera Copa Cannabica, the first major Cannabis Cup event in Mexico, is scheduled for Sunday, March 18th, and the Trichome Institute finishes the weekend with its course taking place on March 19th. Both are happening without official government participation, and they may well show exactly how much cannabis culture Jalisco is willing to tolerate. Earlier this year, the governor of Jalisco, Aristóteles Sandoval, spoke in favor of opening the debate for marijuana legalization The locations to these events will be unveiled to participants immediately before they are scheduled to begin.

Dany Grower, a principal organizer of La Primera Copa Cannabica, described the event in an interview by Cannal Mx,  “This is not a family event.  It’s not an event for kids.  It’s not an event for people who don’t smoke.”

Watch this space for coverage of this weekend’s landmark cannabis events. 

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