2018 was a monster year for cannabis.

Canada legalized it (like, really legal) and the U.S. legalized hemp.   Here in Mexico, the Supreme Court ruled that prohibition is unconstitutional and the government green lighted the first weed-based products for sale.  It’s been a monster year for 420 music as well, and we at Gold Leaf have been busy collecting the kushiest, stickiest, skunkiest tracks for your listening pleasure.  So get comfortable and get ready to blaze as we present GOLD LEAF 420 OFFICIAL BEST OF 2018 

10)  Fucking wow!  Hit machine Collie Buddz is right!  It is “Legal Now”!  What a time to be alive!!


9) Seriously, how old is this kid?  He looks 14, but his sound is OG AF.  “Summertime Hightime” by CUCO featuring J-Kwe$t is some old school chicano chill for when you need that buena vibra from around the way.


8) This track is the closest thing to choking on hash clouds in a jazz club basement—and we mean that in the best possible way.  Smooth and dark, “Smoking Song” by Mick Jenkins (Feat. BadBadNotGood) is the perfect hit off Mick’s second album, Pieces of a Man, released October 2018.


7) Apestosa la fiesta and we’re kicking it with Cráneo & Lasser and their fabulous house party anthem, “Bien Guay.”


8) Houston reprazent– “I Need to Smoke” by D’African is the perfect jam for hitting them blunts on your slow roll through H-Town.


5) This Rick & Morty Run the Jewels collaboration video is one of great highlights of 2018.  “Mama” by Run the Jewels debuted in 2016, but the new video lands it an honorary spot on this year’s best of list.   What, you don’t like a 2016 on a 2018 top ten list?  We don’t GAF.  Just watch this awesome video and say thank you.


4) This is history, right here.  Sinaloa country girl Ely Quintero is the first woman to sing mota’s praises in banda genre with her single, “Quiero Andar Al 420.”  It’s a watershed moment, like 60 years ago when women finally admitted publicly they like having sex.  We love you, Ely!!  Arriba las mujeres!!


3) Beware—it’s real easy to get pregnant listening to this track.  Sexy, fine, and stoned out of our minds, we’re in love with “Sativa” by Jhené and Rae Sremmurd.


2) What a talent.  What a loss.  What a damn shame. Coming in at number 2 is “Self Care” by Mac Miller.   So high he went all the way to heaven.  See you in the next life, Mac.   B.D.E.


And now, for our number one cannabis track of 2018….

Nobody but nobody sets the vibe for a perfect smoke session like Logic.  Add some Wiz Khalifa to the track, and the result is high grade THC crystal like you see on them Dabstar videos.  “Indica Badu” by Logic and featuring Wiz Khalifa wins this year’s top spot on the best of 2018.

If you liked this top ten, you can hear them as a playlist on our YouTube channel, and we got plenty more where that came from.  Check out our GOLD LEAF OFFICIAL 420 BEST OF 2017, which includes excellent tracks by Little Dragon, Damian Marley, Methodman, B. Real, and more!  See you on the other side of 2019!


Team Gold Leaf

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